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LD47 entry, the theme was "Stuck in a loop". You play as a computer program stuck in an endless loop. Fight viruses to get their energy and open the firewall. Then, you can choose between bonuses and malus. Each malus give you some point for picking more bonus, but be carreful! Then you loop again in the same room. Again and again.

LD47 link : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/47/hackn-loop


Gamepad recommended

  • Left joystick - Player Movement
  • X - Attack
  • B - Dash 
  • Start - Pause


  • ZQSD (WASD) - Player Movement
  • Spacebar/ Mouse Left- Attack
  • Shift/Mouse Right - Dash
  • Escape - Pause


New version :

Jeremy Morel

Ludum dare team :

Alex Bolle - @AlexBauwl

Killian Beguerie - @KillianBeguerie

Jeremy Morel

Darenn Keller - @DarennKeller


Music by Daryl Tay (special thanks to him)

Music by neocrey 2016 - neocrey.bandcamp.com (ludum version)
Used Asset Forge to creat our own assets : https://itch.io/t/251713/temple-collection-updated

If you enjoy the game (or not), here a link with a quick survey about it


This help me a lot, so thanks in advance.

Join our discord ! https://discord.gg/fFJCEav


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Hack'n'Loop 37 MB
Hack'n'Loop 46 MB
Hack'n'Loop 53 MB
[OLD] Hack'n'Loop JAM VERSION 32 MB

Development log


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I made a video about it, this game was fun along with the power-ups after beating the enemies

Hello! Thanks for playing! I'm a dev on this project and i hope it bring you some fun. In fact, you're playing the JAM version done in 72h but i work on it when i have the time and add a lot of upgrade/feature to it. If you want to try !

whenever i launch it, it just opens discord

Hello ! Sorry to hear that. Did you download the jam or the updated version ?

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"What if the movies Cube and Tron had a child?"  This amazing Outrun/Synthwave-aesthetic game is the answer.  This Beat 'Em Up added roguelite elements that will have you chasing the leaderboards.

A small request: instead of Shift+Space, can we get a Settings Menu that allows LClick attack RClick dash?  Thanks!!

Thanks for the feedback!

You pretty much synched the gameplay loop with your narrative loop, with the reward being for both the ennemies and the player, it is for sure veyr interesting ! I liked the controls though it could be fast paced and juicy, the animations transitions also were very rough. The graphic style is good, loved the perspective and the global mood, and your presentation page on itch.io is neat as it should! I had a good time, played it 2 times, made it to 9 loops, it’s really rewarding to be granted a bonus at the end of each ^^ Also, online leaderbaord, very good job, I can only salute those who make this type of thing.

Very good entry, good gameplay, good audio, mood, and graphics!

Thanks for you feedback Kaldrin!

You're welcome !

Love the Tron vibe!


Glad you like it!

Ey! It's kind of interesting. Control isn't bad at is fun. I think it's a bit difficult at the beggining and I didn't understand which things could damage me or not. Using the bomber things to kill the other minions was fun.

I don't really like to have to choose something negative and get full health its not enough of a prize in my opinion... and you really need it and you start to fall behind. It doesn't feel great.


Thanks for your feedback. :)

If your windows warn you with Smart Screen don't worry simply use the "More info" button and run it anyway.